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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Engine Compressor Thermocouples Used on Offshore Gas and Oil Platforms

Engine Compressor Thermocouples Used on Offshore Gas and Oil Platforms

Thermocouples are temperature sensors that are used in a variety of applications, including in the engines of offshore gas and oil rigs. In these engines, the thermocouples are used to measure the temperature of the compressor, which is an important component that helps to compress and pressurize the gas or oil being pumped from the well.

The purpose of the thermocouples is to monitor the temperature of the compressor and to provide feedback to the engine control system. This information is used to adjust the engine's fuel and air intake to maintain optimal operating temperatures and prevent overheating.

Thermocouples work by measuring the temperature difference between two points. They consist of two wires made of different materials that are joined together at one end. When the junction between the two wires is at a different temperature than the rest of the thermocouple, a small voltage is generated. This voltage is proportional to the temperature difference and can be measured and used to calculate the temperature of the junction. The voltage generated by the thermocouple is then measured and used to calculate the temperature of the compressor.

Overall, the function of engine compressor thermocouples is to provide real-time temperature monitoring and feedback to the engine control system, helping to ensure that the compressor is operating at the optimal temperature for efficient and reliable operation.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Critical Electricity Generation on Offshore Oil Platforms Rely on Robust Engine-Compressor Thermocouple Design

Engine-Compressor Thermocouple

Powering a wide range of complex equipment on offshore oil and gas installations necessitates a considerable amount of continuous electricity. Pumps, valve operators, critical communications, turntables, engines, and safety devices are just a few examples of the drilling and processing environment that require a dependable power source. A vast amount of electrical power, comparable to that of a small town, is needed. Heaters, air conditioners, water desalination, food storage, and even trash processing need electricity from electric generators. 

The circumstances on offshore sites are challenging. Equipment and components must be sturdy to perform correctly and reduce the need for routine maintenance.

Temperature is one of the most crucial measuring factors for a compressor, and its precision directly impacts compressor efficiency. According to the findings, temperature calculation errors account for more than 80% of efficiency errors. More aspects of compressor temperature measurement, as well as improved temperature measurement methods, are required. Thermocouples measure the temperature of the inter-stage gas compressor and the temperature of the exit gas. 

In these applications, a specialized temperature sensor called an 'engine-compressor thermocouple' detects temperature. These are heavy-duty temperature sensors that detect several factors, such as exhaust gases and lubricant temperatures. Such sensors have been time-tested and built to survive offshore maritime environments' extreme mechanical and climatic conditions. The thermocouple must be robust enough to endure high vibration and corrosive environments while being accurate and fast responding. 

The engine-compressor thermocouple offers oil and gas platform personnel precise measurements, high precision, and quick response times. Additionally, engine-compressor thermocouples are easily calibrated, removed, and replaced if necessary.

Duro-Sense Corporation

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Engine Compressor Thermocouples

Duro-Sense Engine Compressor Thermocouples (ECT) are designed and manufactured to provide the finest quality available to insure maximum reliability. The unique preparation of premium grade conductors, MgO insulation and stainless steel tubing through reduction swaging and drawing produces a uniform thickness of sheath and high density of insulation. The result is a product that is mechanically strong and impervious to penetration of corrosive gases and moisture. This material has the advantage of high dielectric strength plus the ability to withstand severe physical abuse. It can be formed in a radius equal to its own diameter without damage and can be brazed without loss of dielectric integrity. They are available in a variety of configurations to satisfy numerous applications.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Engine Compressor Thermocouples Provide the Reliability Needed for Offshore Use

Thermocouples Provide the Reliability Needed for Offshore Use

Offshore oil and gas platforms require an uninterrupted source of electricity to power a wide variety of specialized equipment used to drill for oil. Pumps, valve operators, critical communications, turntables, motors, and safety systems are just a subset of the drilling and production ecosystem requiring a reliable source of power. Just as critical is the large amounts of electrical power required for the habitation. Electrical generators provide the power for comfort heating, cooling, desalination of water, food preparation, and even waste processing. The power requirements of an offshore platform is not unlike that of a small town.

The most common source of power for these offshore rigs are diesel powered generators. While diesel is still the most common, alternative fuels such as gas, heavy oil, and steam turbines are being produced for offshore platform use. Major turbine manufacturers continue to develop technologies that efficiently use one, or a combination, of these fuels. Additionally, increased savings and efficiencies are being realized through adopting waste heat recovery systems. These recovery systems assist by reusing and recycling energy from exhaust gases of turbines and generators.

engine compressor thermocoupleConditions on offshore platforms are harsh. Equipment and components must provide stable
operation and, by design, reduce the need for frequent maintenance and overhaul.  A specialized temperature sensor, referred to as an "engine compressor thermocouple" is used on platform generator turbines. These are specially designed, heavy-duty temperature sensors used for measuring the exhaust gases from engines, turbines and compressors. These sensors are time-tested and built to withstand the harsh mechanical and environmental conditions subjected by offshore, marine conditions.

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